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LiturgyRitualPrayer.com Supporting you in preparing Liturgies and Prayer Rituals for your community.

Our mission at www.LiturgyRitualPrayer.com is to provide relevant and enriching resources for liturgy, ritual, prayer and meditation for children, youth and adults, that draw them into meaningful experience of the Sacred, as well as offer support and guidance to our members in their appreciation and preparation of good liturgy.  




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Many new resources available, for all major feasts and liturgical seasons.

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Liturgy Mentoring is individual consultation and support in the preparation and development of liturgies


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Over 1,000 new and current resources for ALL Major Feasts, Liturgical Seasons and Events for children, youth and adults.

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Your membership will give yearly access to you, and multiple users in your community, to an abundant resource of:

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A New Resource For Our Members 

Do you ever wish…

>  you had your own personal assistant experienced in all things to do with liturgy, ritual and prayer, who could guide and support you in preparing a specific liturgy for your community?

>  you had someone who could help you understand and appreciate the purpose and intention of liturgy and its unique rhythm and flow?

>  you could feel more confident and excited about preparing liturgy for your community?

All of your wishes have come true with our

Liturgy Mentoring Program for Liturgy Ritual Prayer members


Read more about the Liturgy Mentoring Program