Soul Sisters 2020 Australian Festival Tour (with for further  Sarah Hart & ValLimar Jansen)  

Hope Has An Address National Tour (Father Greg Boyle, SJ) HomeBoy Industries  

Oberammergau Passion Play 2020  

Sacramental Preparation

Encountering Jesus Together 

A fresh and supportive approach to Sacramental preparation. Encountering Jesus Together has 3 components which are ideally presented as a package; however, each unit can stand alone. To maximise participation, our Team will come to YOU! Meeting young people where they are. Leading them to where God calls them to be.

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Retreat & Reflection Days for Catholic Primary Schools
Thrive: Be The Best We Can Be

Retreat and reflection days form part of the distinctive character of Catholic schools. The GPBS Mission  & Ministry Team offers a program of retreat and reflection days for Catholic Primary school students to connect faith to life and life to faith. The GPBS Mission & Ministry Team is comprised of a team of dynamic presenters, including a lively youth band. The team uses a variety of contemporary techniques  that ensures each presentation is fresh, engaging, challenging, and student-friendly.

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