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As a teacher of religious education in a Catholic school, you’re busy and often feel overwhelmed and pressured. You’re looking for an online liturgy resource that helps you plan meaningful liturgies following the Church calendar for the entire school year.

Liturgy Ritual Prayer was founded to give you access to contemporary, relevant Catholic content with the touch of a button, saving you time and pressure. The new search functionality enables you to look for topics, themes and titles to find what you need – quickly and easily.

Liturgy planning made easy

Life is busy and you often lack the time to prepare a meaningful liturgy that’s in touch with where young people are at today, so we’ve made it easy for you. Log in, download – ready to go.

Prepare engaging liturgies

Feel confident preparing liturgies, prayers and rituals with resources that will inspire, engage and empower young people on their journey of faith. Download resources that are true, tried and tested.

Always be up to date

Our professional team of writers is made up of experienced teachers who understand what you need for contemporary, relevant liturgy and worship in Catholic schools today.

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Resources Galore

Access our online library of 5,000+ liturgy, ritual and prayer resources with the click of a button covering each liturgical season, all major feasts and communal events. Enhanced search functionality makes finding resources easy.

Catholic Calendar

Following the Church calendar has never been easier as all our liturgy resources match the Church year. Now you can plan the entire school year ahead of time, reducing your stress and workload.

REC Community

As a teacher of religious education, you can feel swamped and challenged. Want to be part of an encouraging faith community where you have the opportunity to ask questions, share insights and connect with others on their journey of faith?

Liturgy Image Library

To assist in planning, the liturgy image library has a considerable archive of surprising photographs by creative photographer Nick Hughes. The library also contains an array of suitable images for the liturgical seasons, feasts, saints and special occasions by well-known artists Sister Susan Daily, IBVM OAM and Sister Dorothy Woodward, RSJ.

Liturgy Video Library

Liturgy Ritual Prayer in partnership with Emmaus Productions offers subscribers access to the Emmaus Online Video Prayer & Meditation Library. Your membership to Liturgy Ritual Prayer gives you a gateway into an extensive collection of reflective videos with both an adult and children series.

Digital Ministry

While continuing to create the well-used liturgy, prayer and ritual resources in the present format, we are strengthening our capacity to provide a digital ministry. A number of different platforms are being explored and developed to offer an alternative approach to presenting worship for students and staff.

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We’re a busy bunch at Liturgy Ritual Prayer, always working behind the scenes to create more relevant resources for you. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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