Get to know the team behind Liturgy Ritual Prayer and discover why we’re passionate about connecting faith with everyday life.

We’re passionate about faith and life, and connecting them in a meaningful way. We’re also dedicated to re-energising your school’s approach to liturgy and prayer.

Since 2008 we’ve been creating contemporary and relevant liturgy, ritual and prayer resources to support Catholic teachers and students on their journey of faith.

For teachers and Religious Education Coordinators

We understand teachers are time poor so we’ve created adaptable online resources to help you prepare engaging prayers and liturgies at short notice. Our dedicated team is always on the lookout for materials that spark creativity, inspire and connect faith to life.

For students

Young people today face many challenges, both at school and at home. We thrive on finding new ways to nourish their faith and help them connect with everyday life. We’re here to help plant the seeds of a deeper understanding of faith.

Why we do what we do

Teachers play an important role in the life of students as they relate on a daily basis. As a teacher you have the opportunity to support young people in their faith journey and touch their lives with the sacred.

However, increasing pressure and time demands are making it more and more difficult to prepare meaningful liturgies and prayers. We’ve created an online resource that follows the school calendar and Church year with everything you need at your fingertips.

How it all started

Monica Brown founded Liturgy Ritual Prayer in 2008 when she saw a need to provide schools and communities with meaningful liturgies, rituals and prayers for all the major feasts and liturgical seasons, national and international events. She is also a composer, teacher, facilitator and storyteller who has the innate ability to use the arts to help people get in touch with the Sacred in their lives.

How the story continues

Paul Skippen took over Liturgy Ritual Prayer at the start of 2020 with a desire to equip Catholic teachers and help them touch students’ lives. He’s also the founder and editor of Gather Proclaim Break Send, providing online resources, workshops, inservices, conferences and pilgrimages for Catholic schools.

His true passion lies in guiding young people to the core of Gospel living and discovering new ways to walk as Christian disciples in this rapidly changing world. Paul brings a wealth of experience as he’s worked many years ministering in Catholic schools and parishes throughout Australia.

A glimpse of the future

Multimedia is the way to go for the upcoming generation of young people. We’ll be adding videos and other interactive resources to engage students

Our Team

Team Leader:
Paul Skippen

Member Support:
Vicki Robinson

Project Coordinator:
Carmel Duffy

Multimedia Coordinator:
Earl Singson

Ashlea Downie
Erica Marshall
Frank Cumbo
Lyndal Rick
Mary Browne
Moira Cosgriff
Nick Tyler
Paul Skippen
Rebecca Burns
Sharon Hayston
Vivien Williams

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