Be Not Proud

Paul Skippen

4 Sep 2020



Be Not Proud

Meditation 5


Layoffs. Firings. Downsizing. Shutdowns. Reductions in force. Company jargon calls it lots of things, but for those of us on the receiving end of it, it’s simply: unemployment. It’s happened to almost everyone at some stage. For some, it came suddenly and unexpectedly. Others get lots of lead time, like a crash in slow motion.

These meditations are meant to be practical, personal, and actionable. As with so many other things, unemployment is equal parts art and science. We cannot simply endure the dismissal of a job without feeling, acknowledging, and ultimately overcoming the many feelings unemployment brings with it.

Our hearts and minds may race with worry and loss – and prayers asking God to grant us specific blessings to undertake the work necessary to overcome them. And while not a tutorial, there are practices here that should help job seekers turn reflection into action. May God grant you the endurance you need to get through this difficult and challenging time. And take it from one who has been there: you will.


Sometimes, we just need to take a job. Circumstances in our lives may demand that we do what needs to be done in order to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. It’s okay. It is not “selling out” to accept a role that provides a steady income or health benefits. And accepting the resources available to us to help us through these times is not “charity” or “pity”.


God of possibilities, I feel ashamed of where I am. I did not ask to be unemployed, and I feel embarrassed about accepting the kind of help I need right now. Bless me with the ability to be merciful to myself so that I can move beyond my pride and do what is necessary to ensure my own health and safety and that of my loved ones who rely on me. Amen.


Use of their fullest extend the resources available to you. Claim your unemployment benefits. Your state or even your community have resources that can help you find a new job, write a resume, and even get an interview-ready outfit. These resources are called “safety-nets” for a reason; they exist for times exactly like these. Using them shows that you’re willing to do everything in your power to keep going.

Today I will …
Please help me to …


Liturgy Ritual Prayer · In Quiet and Trust

In Quiet and Trust (Monica Brown) (from Let Your Heart Take Comfort collection)
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