Join our Facebook group to meet like-minded teachers and Catholic educators. This group is available to active Liturgy Ritual Prayer members only

As Catholic Religious Educators and teachers, we’re part of a global faith community. We’ve set up a Facebook group for our members to provide:

  1. A platform to ask and answer questions
  2. Suggestions and practical support
  3. Mutual encouragement

Sharing the journey of faith

Walking the journey of faith is not always easy. We experience ups and downs, have unanswered questions and often struggle to connect faith with life, and life with faith. As a teacher, your goal is to support and empower young people in their faith journey but you also need encouragement and guidance.

Building a faith community

Our Facebook group provides the perfect platform to connect with like-minded teachers who are eager to integrate faith and life in the lives of their young students. Meet teachers and religious educators from all over Australia, and the globe, who have a desire to make a real difference by finding new and exciting ways to walk as Christian disciples in this ever-changing world.

Post and answer questions

Our students find themselves in a modern world with change happening faster than ever before. Engaging with our young people while remaining relevant is an ongoing challenge. Tap into the wisdom and experience of other teachers by asking questions to avoid having to reinvent the wheel.

Joining the Facebook group

Maybe you’re an avid Facebook user and you know how it all works. In that case, join the group here. Some of us are not so keen on social media so you might need a bit of help to get started. Contact our Member Support who can guide you through the process.

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