Music, Art & Environment

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Here we offer insights and helpful notes on music, the Arts and the overall environment in liturgy through our A Note Or Two Editorials.

The key Church documents referred to in the editorials are:

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (CSL) 1963
The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) 2007
Become One Body One Spirit In Christ (Australian Catholic Bishops) 2010

Directory for Masses with Children (DMC) 1973

Music in Catholic Worship (MCW) 1972
Liturgical Music Today (LMT) 1982
Sing to the Lord (STL) 2007

Art and Environment
Environment and Art in Catholic Worship (EACW) 1978
Built of Living Stones (BLS) 2000

We also provide here a Monthly Music Review, featuring new and current liturgical music and offering practical suggestions about its use in liturgy and ritual. An Index of Contemporary Music with Christian Themes for youth is also available in this section of the site. We have also provided information about composers and publishers.

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