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2 Sep 2020


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Centred in Jesus

“The teacher walks from and with Christ. They are not persons who set out with their own ideas and tastes, but rather who let themselves be looked at by him, by that gaze that makes the heart burn. The more Jesus occupies the centre of our lives … he de-centres us, and he brings us closer to others …” (Pope Francis, address to participants, Catechetical Symposium, Buenos Aires, 11 July, 2017)

A new bishop visited some people to understand the history of the diocese. He asked the diocese’s oldest priest: “How have you stayed faithful in ministry for so many years?” Without hesitation, the elderly priest replied, “Well … I knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew Jesus”.

When a person knows Jesus, their very life shouts to others – as the old priest experienced – and reverberates through generations.

Application for Ministry: Our ministry is never about our ideas, our preferences, our own interests; it always is the work of Jesus. This is a responsibility and a privilege: a responsibility to pray, listen, and keep on learning; a privilege because our very ministry brings us closer to Jesus and to others.

Meditative Musing: Who has helped me to know Jesus? What do I do to keep my life – and its ordinary days – centred in Jesus?

Prayer: Shepherding God, keep me centred in Jesus so that my ministry, all I do, reverberates your presence to others. Amen.