Poetic Reflections by Noel Davis

Episodes List: 
  • A Graceful Seduction
  • Keep Reminding Me
  • Just Come
  • Growing Into Fullness
  • One the Wings of One-der
  • Reclaim Your Sacred Site
  • A Pause
  • Love & Miracles
  • The Resurrection of the Living
  • Humility
Each of the 5 minute episodes in this video series is centred on the poetry of the much loved Australian poet, Noel Davis.  The poem is presented by Noel and then opened up with images and music for further reflection.
This Thought For The Day Series is, “A little soul time, a few moments of quiet reflection to gather ourselves as we move with confidence into the gift of the day and bring our joy and magnanimity to its unfolding”. (Noel Davis)  

There are 10 episodes of this beautiful series online now and new episodes will be added regularly. 
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A Graceful Seduction 

Keep Reminding Me 

Just Come 

Growing Into Fullness 

One the Wings of One-der 

Reclaim Your Sacred Site 

A Pause 

Love & Miracles 

The Resurrection of the Living